Arizona trooper shot in ambush attack — Good samaritan kills gunman

Lawfully armed citizen comes to the aid of law officer in peril

An Arizona trooper trying to help a motorist in a rollover crash was shot in an ambush-style attack by a random suspect, who was then fatally shot by a Good Samaritan driving by. DPS Col. Frank Milstead said he has yet to speak to the passerby, but he had this message for him:”Thank you because I don’t know if my trooper would be alive today without your assistance.”

Only thing to criticize here is that he first confronted an armed bad guy with his gun still in his car. He had to run back and get it. He was lucky and the bad guy must have thought he was leaving.

There’s more of this sort of thing than people realize and it’s just another reason why the good guys’ right to keep and bear arms should never be infringed. The U.S.Constitution says so.

The coyotes above just heard about this and as you can see, they’re ecstatic that the good guys won this one.

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