Antifa Accusations of Fascism Against Others is Psychological Projection

I know a man whose brother accused him of trying to steal their mother’s estate. It turned out that the brother making the accusation had himself been engaged over a long period of maneuvers and machinations setting himself up to be the sole beneficiary of her estate upon her death. His false accusation of his brother was a prime example of psychological projection. What he would do to his siblings, he assumed they would do to him.

Psychological projection is a human defense mechanism. Uncomfortable with his own treachery the accusing brother put his conscience at ease by accusing his sibling victims of doing to him what he was attempting to do to them.

Projection is such a useful tool of denial that it may be employed by a great many people, perhaps a majority. Recall how Democrats defended Bill Clinton’s sex in the oval office with an intern by claiming, “everybody does it.” That was one of the largest uses of projection ever, accusing not just one or a few others, but everybody.

False accusations of fascism, racism, bigotry of all kinds, all run amok in America today. The knee jerk reaction from the Left to the slightest disagreement with Leftist policy will get you called a fascist, racist, bigot and probably sub-human as well. It’s all a defense against the intolerable mental labor of having to mount a rational defense of one’s policy preferences. Question why it makes sense to ban straws and you’ll be branded with some pejorative label. Or some nonsensical explanation such as straws are killing all the fish in the ocean might be called forth. Point out to a “true believer” that there is no evidence for that claim and you will likely see the ugly face of hatred well up before you.

This is the essence of fascism. It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the “common good,” which will be anything but “good.” Fascism want to control all aspects of your life, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action [Gleichschaltung], whether by force or through regulation and social pressure.

Homosexuals used to claim they wanted only tolerance to be left alone and freedom from persecution. That was a reasonable request and it was readily granted by all decent people. That proved to be the starting point of further demands which now can be described as resentment and a demand for power disguised as compassion. Tolerance and freedom are not enough for the today’s gays. The current demand for celebration and promotion has subsumed all previous grievances. What has replaced requests for tolerance is ugly hatred for all who refuse to join in the celebration of being homosexual.

The “Gay Mafia” now seeks to ruin the lives and livelihood of any baker who refuses to participate in gay wedding ceremonies, any wedding photographer who does not gladly photograph gay weddings. Little Sisters of the Poor are being persecuted by the Gay Mafia for not distributing birth control. A once persecuted (not recently but at a very long time ago) people now seek revenge. This is nothing to be proud of. It’s disgusting. Once you’ve won, you should stop and just live your life. You wanted to be left alone and you got it. Others now want you to leave them alone. How can you in good conscience refuse? You are the real fascists if you keep this up.

Psychological projection has been weaponized by the Left.


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