FBI accuses Anti-gun SAN FRANCISCO DEMOCRAT Leland Yee of gun trafficking

California State Senator LeLand Yee (Democrat)

California State Senator LeLand Yee (Democrat)

The NRA has written about the recent arrest of California state Senator Leland Yee, who surprise surprise, happens to be a DEMOCRAT and a radical supporter of taking guns aways from law abiding citizens.  He has an A+ rating from the Brady Campaign. I put his party affiliation in all caps because most if not all of the news reports make no mention that Sen. Yee is a DEMOCRAT, nor that he is a notorious campaigner to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Turns out he is not a law-abiding citizen himself, in fact he is now accused of being involved in an illegal gun-traficking operation to smuggle full auto Chinese made AK-47s into the U.S. and selling them to criminals for campaign contributions. It was a multi-million dollar operation.

Psychological projection is the phenomenon of accusing others of what you yourself are guilty of doing. Senator Yee, a DEMOCRAT FROM SAN FRANCISCO, along with a hell of a lot of other DEMOCRATS, seem to epidemically afflicted with this condition.

Here is the NRA report on what the FBI has accused DEMOCRAT California State Senator Yee of SAN FRANCISCO of doing:

Being good Americans, we take the position that anyone who is arrested and charged with multiple crimes is innocent until proven guilty. That’s more than California state senator Leland Yee (D) has done for gun owners in the past. In August 2012, Yee said “no one will convince me it’s anything other than a joke to say that having multiple clips and semi-automatic weapons that can shoot 100 or more bullets at a time is necessary in this state or in this country, it’s ridiculous.”

Now, Yee has other things with which to concern himself, and none is a joking matter.

The San Jose Mercury-News reports that “Yee now is accused of consorting with notorious felons, accepting money for his cash-strapped political campaigns in exchange for favors and promising undercover FBI agents he could deliver connections to international gun runners.” Additionally, he “is depicted in a startling, 137-page FBI affidavit of repeatedly offering to broker illegal firearms sales in exchange for campaign contributions,” and he is “linked to a host of wrongdoing to pad his political war chest, charged with seven felonies in a case with two dozen defendants accused of everything from money laundering to murder-for-hire.”

The Sacramento Bee reports that also arrested along with Yee was one Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, a former Chinatown organized crime figure who once served time in prison for gun trafficking, and who radical gun control supporter Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) later praised as a model of reform. The paper separately reports that “The FBI affidavit attached to the corruption case of state Sen. Leland Yee details a world of armaments: bulletproof vests, revolvers, assault rifles, shoulder-fired rockets and mines.”

KRON-4, a San Francisco-area station, reports that Yee “asked for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker.” Court documents posted with the KRON-4 article assert that “According to Senator Yee, the arms dealer had contacts in Russia, Ukraine, Boston and Southern California. . . . Senator Yee said, ‘Do I think we can make some money? I think we can make some money. Do I think we can get the good? I think we can get the goods.’ . . . Senator Yee said ‘Because, I’m getting a little more into this, it’s not just Russia; the Muslim countries have sources too’. . . Senator Yee asked [another person involved] if he wanted ‘automatic weapons’ as opposed to semi-automatic weapons.”

Like Chow, Yee, too, is popular with gun control supporters. In 2006, the Brady Campaign rated Yee an “A+” and named him to the group’s so-called “Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.” In bestowing the “honor,” the Brady Campaign noted that Yee had sponsored legislation to require semi-automatic handguns to have micro-stamping features and had supported a variety of other gun control proposals.

Now, gun control advocates join Yee in having other things with which to concern themselves. The Associated Press reports “Gun-control groups (are) trying to find a new legislative leader to champion firearms restrictions after one of their most outspoken supporters was charged in a federal gun-trafficking case.”

Until now, Yee had been campaigning to be elected as California’s Secretary of State. He has since withdrawn from the race. SF Gate reports that Yee’s lawyer sized up his client’s situation by saying “The future will hold a lot of work.”

No doubt it will.

The NRA is charitable in regarding Senator Yee as innocent until proven guilty.  That is the standard of due process he will be entitled to in the court room at his trial.  It’s not the standard that applies right now, to me or anyone else because neither I nor anyone else has the power to find him guilty of a crime and to take away his freedom.  So, I can say I think the sonofabitch is guilty as hell and should be heavily fined and go to prison for the maximum time provided by law.

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