Another Slate political reporter understands conservatism better than the GOP

Just four days ago I posted on a story from left-leaning that made the case for conservatism and smaller, limited government (through the voice of one John Dickerson) better than Mitt Romney ever did.  Probably because Mitt Romney is not a conservative and never really believed in its principles.  Now Slate’s David Weigel has also written an article that makes a cogent argument for conservative principles better and more clearly than the GOP has done in the years since it last embraced conservatism, which was in 1994.  Weigel’s piece, A Den of Liberals, explains why the IRS, like most government agencies, is well, a den of liberals.

C. Edmund Wright, in A Clean Slate, describes Slate’s recent tributes to conservatism:

It is a bizzaro world indeed when left-leaning Slate makes a better case for limited government than the Mitt Romney Campaign and the GOP establishment managed to make during the 2012 cycle. Yet for the second time in less than a week, two different writers from Slate have done so, making compelling arguments for conservatism, and tweaking the establishment at the same time for good measure — simply by observation and common sense.

This is not to say that Slate is turning right, nor is that their intention. But words have meaning, and in stunning pieces from Dickerson and political reporter David Weigel, Slate’s words make one hell of a case for Tea Party limited government conservatism.

Mitt Romney and the establishment GOP should be reading this stuff and taking it to heart.  Of course, Mitt Romney is irrelevant at this point, but the GOP could take this as a wake up call.  I wouldn’t count on it though.  GOP leaders should be embarrassed to have to be told these things by the leftists at Slate.  They’re not going to be embarrassed.  The establishment GOP are low-information politicians.

The bright spot on the horizon for conservatives is the rejuvenation of the Tea Party that is occurring right now as a result of Obama’s IRS scandal.

UPDATE:  Are Slate and David Weigel on a roll for conservatives?  Here’s another political article that you wouldn’t expect to see from the Left:  How Lazy Reporting Made Rand Paul Look Like a Conspiracy Theorist

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