Annals of liberal nitwitery

Tricia Bishop, a Baltimore Sun deputy editorial page editor and columnist wrote in a Thursday op-ed that citizens who legally own firearms are more frightening to her than the criminals who use the weapons on the rough streets of her hometown. The city’s 2015 murder rate was 48.97 per 100,000. That compares to the national average if just 4 per 100,000. All of those murders were committed by criminals, the set that she feels safer with than her own neighbors in the upscale neighborhood she lives in. None of her neighbors have killed anyone and they probably don’t intend to anytime soon.  If the own guns, they own for lawful purposes such as self defense.

Moreover, citizens with CCW permits have a safety record, as a group, that is better than sworn police officers have. Lawful gun owners are in fact the most law abiding people in the country. Revocation of CCW permits is usually around 1% to 2% throughout the country. Often revocations are for minor crimes, not even involving the use of a gun.

Not all liberals are nitwits, just most of them.

Never believe Barack Obama or any other liberal when they say they don’t want to take guns away from legal gun owners. That is exactly what they want to do. Never believe them when they say they abhor the rising crime rate.  They don’t abhor crime, they see it as an opportunity to take guns away from lawful gun owners. Never believe them when they say their only intention is to create safer neighborhoods.  Their sole intention is to gain awesome power for themselves by disarming everyone who opposes them. They will never disarm their own body guards.


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