The Anatomy of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

There are only three countries the United States government designates as state sponsors of terrorism: Iran, Sudan and Syria.  One more needs to be added to the list. Can you guess which one?

The United States has for many years provided financial support to the Palestinians. We may not intend it, but American taxpayer dollars are used to support Palestinian terrorism against Israel. That should make the United States a state sponsor of terrorism. Not because it intends its support to be used in this manner, but because of the fundamental rule of logical thinking that one must have intended the likely and natural consequences of his actions.

When you give a dollar to a street beggar hoping he will use it for food but you know damn well he will use it to feed his drug and alcohol addiction, then you are intentionally enabling his addiction.

Before 1993 the USA position was that the Palestinian conflict with Israel was fueled by the Arab conflict with Israel. So long as the Arab world rejected Israel’s right to exist as a nation there could be no peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Note however, Israel’s peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt have held for several decades now and they are based on this pre-1993 understanding.

The U.S. changed its position when it took charge of the 1993 Oslo Accords. The present narrative on the Palestinian conflict with Israel is the European one, that it’s all Israel’s fault. This has always been the belief of the Deep State at Foggy Bottom. Since 1993 the entrenched bureaucrats and political establishment of both Democrats and Republicans have forced that thinking on every U.S. Presidential Administration except Obama. There was no need to force it on Obama. He had always been a true believer.

Will Trump allow Tillerson and McMaster, who firmly believe the European narrative, to run the State Department the same way it has been since 1993?  It’s beginning to look that way. if so, nothing will change and there will be no hope of an end or any improvement in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

McMaster won’t even admit that the Western Wall is in Israel. That makes him worthless to the cause of peace.

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