An Omicron Epidemic or a Fear Epidemic?

Let’s hope it’s an Omicron epidemic because if so we can depend on it ending soon. If it’s a fear epidemic it won’t end until enough people decide to stop being fearful.

There is good reason for sensible people to decide right now that there is little to nothing to fear from the Omicron epidemic, if it even reaches that stage.

I’ve read several sources that agree on how viral epidemics come to an end. As we’ve plainly seen, the Coronavirus mutates and each mutation is weaker than it’s predecessor. The Delta mutation was milder than Covid, Omicron is milder than Delta. The next mutation should be milder still, perhaps little more than what one experiences with the common cold.

Fear epidemics end in much the same way. If you fear Omicron and it turns out to be much less than your feared it would be, then you will lower your level of fear. Do that a time or two and you might throw your mask away.

Of course, you can’t just throw your mask away because there is vast number of people not willing to give up their fear. There is an unholy alliance of tyrannical politicians and bureaucrats that simply do not want the epidemic to ever end. They love the power the viral epidemic has given them and they are loath to give it up.

The only way to get them to let go the reins of power they have acquired is for enough people to reach a point of exhaustion and loudly complain about the way they are needlessly being treated.

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