Why are American Jews So Ensconced On The Left?

Why are American Jews So Ensconced On The Left? You’d think American Jews would be Republicans because the Democrat party is the home of ant-semitism in America.

Jeremy Frankel amply documents Jew hatred on the Left in his article at The Daily Wire, American Jews Must Finally Realize There is No Place For Us On The Left.

Frankel thoroughly catalogs  Anti-Semitic incidents by the Left and their cozy relationships with Israel-bashing public figures as John Kerry, Keith Ellison, and Ben Rhodes. Barack Obama is no friend of Israel. Iran has vowed to destroy Israel, yet Obama couldn’t wait to make a deal with Iran that will make it easier for them to develop nuclear war power to use against Israel. In the process he shipped pallet loads of cash totally $1.7 Billion to Iran, which will largely finance acts to terrorism against Israel.

70% of American Jews voted for Obama in both of his presidential election. It seems that they would again today if given the chance.

I’ve noticed this in my own experience. I know and have known many Jews in America who care as little about the security of Israel as do its Muslim terrorist enemies. After a visit to Israel in 2002 I thought many of my Jewish friends and acquaintances would be interested in the details of my trip. Well, One of the them was. He couldn’t wait to talk to me. He’d never been to Israel at that time. He was spell bound as I recounted my experience.

I had prayed at the Western Wall. I’m not even Jewish. But the Israeli tour guide, a retired colonel in the IDF, told me I didn’t need to be Jewish to pray at the Western Wall. So I did. It was a moving experience I will always cherish. I prayed for something I desperately needed at the time. I got it. Maybe God really does exist. This will surprise people who know me because I am not particularly religious either.

The rest of my Jewish friends back in America weren’t interested in any news about Israel.

It seemed to me that I had discovered something I never expected. Most of the Jewish people I know seem to have little connection with Judaism. No one else appeared to think that, so I figured maybe I’m wrong. But then, what is going on? Is superior Jewish intelligence just a myth? No, of course not, so what explains this?

For centuries Jews have ended their celebrations and get-togethers with the phrase, “Next year in Jerusalem.” Next year his here, right now. But suddenly they aren’t interested.

Jeremy Frankel thinks he knows why, and it comforts me only by vindicating what I have secretly believed for a long time:

So, why do American Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat and lean Left?

The answer is simple and can possibly apply to other religions as well. The vast majority of Jews in the United States are secular, or, in other words, a Jew in name only. This translates into calling themselves Jewish but in truth much of American Jewry has little to no connection to Judaism at all. And as a person moves further away from religion, he needs something to fill the void that God should be occupying.

That void, by design, is filled by the State. This is the Progressive Left’s doctrine. The government takes care of a person cradle to grave, and the individual has no one else to turn to for any of his needs. This is one reason why the Left vehemently detests religion altogether.

Sadly, this Progressive mindset that has overtaken the American Jewish community trumps the community’s care for its own interests, especially regarding Israel. CNN’s Jake Tapper, in an interview with legendary Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling when Schilling asked him why Jews support Democrats, put it this way: “…one of the reasons many Jews are Democrats has more to do with Democrats’ support for social welfare programs and that sort of thing than it does for Israel.”

Tapper’s answer here exemplifies this mindset of government and the State usurping the role of God, and, in turn, causes man to abandon God and his community altogether.

As Jews, we must open up our eyes to this frightening trajectory. The Left and the Democratic Party are not our friends. They do not support our core beliefs or our people. And it is indeed time that we, as a community, came to the realization that we must walk away.

I’d like to see American Jews come to their senses. I won’t hold my breath though. I used the word “ensconced” in the title to this post. It seems appropriate. I could just as well have said “stuck.”

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