America At The Brink of Financial Ruin

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 10.45.00 AM Forget the “fiscal cliff.” That was nothing compared to what America faces in the near future. Barack Obama has taken America to the brink of financial ruin. We see by his determination to not allow even very small reductions in the rate of growth of his profligate spending that he will not stop until America is finished, lying in financial and cultural ruination. Obama’s goal is the complete transformation of America, and not for the better. His chances of success are frightening.

Polls show that the American people do not like his policies. So why did they just re-elect him? The same polls show that while people don’t like his policies, they don’t blame him for them. They think he is the one trying to solve the problems created by his own policies. They seem to think there is some mysterious and powerful force that is responsible for what is happening, and poor old Obama just hasn’t been able to stop it yet. But he’s trying, they apparently believe. This is all inexplicable. We seem to have entered a New Age based upon ignorance and stupidity.

That’s not so hard to believe when you consider that the Democrat party has been working on that for decades, first by the dumbing down of education in America and further by the ever increasing entitlement state which has lulled a large segment of the people into believing that all economic prosperity comes from the government. In reality, of course, the only possible path to economic prosperity is for government to place limits on itself and to avoid harmful and destructive interference with the private sector which is the sole source of wealth creation for the everyone in the country, rich and poor alike. We may have reached a point where no one believes that anymore. When that happens people become vulnerable without knowing it, but are eventually forced to find it out in very hard ways.

-W. James Antle III, author of Devouring Freedom says:

America is standing at the precipice, ready to tumble into a pit of high taxes, ever higher spending, and sustainable debt. Barack Obama has been pushing from behind, with his stimulus, health care law, and now his gun-grabbing. Have we reached the point of no return? With his characteristic attention to detail, John Lott documents how we got here and shows us the way back.

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