Amazing Trump rally at Council Bluffs, Iowa

Yes, it was amazing, to use one of Donald Trump’s words. The entire rally is captured on a 53-minute video just below. If you can’t watch the whole thing, do watch Rudy Giuliani’s opening remarks, about 5 minutes. If you love America, if you want America to be great again, if you want America to be free again, Giuliani will make your heart sing.

If you can’t watch the entire video here is a synopsis of Trump’s remarks from Scott Johnson at Powerline Blog:

The main point of the event – before a full room of over 1,000 – was to rally the troops and get out the vote. The speech had two main points: attack Madam Hillary and revisit the things that Trump will accomplish as an agent of change.

Trump hit Hillary very hard. Hillary is the insider fighting for her donors. Trump will fight for you. Her only real success in 26 years was in making herself rich; $100 million in donations from Wall Street along with $4.1 million in speaking fees. Follow the money. The office of Secretary of State was sold. Checks were written and favors granted. Special interests own Hillary. They get what they want to serve their globalist agenda but we – the American people – don’t get what we want.

On the email cover-up Trump noted that 33,000 emails were deleted and “bleached” after they were subpoenaed by Congress. Her phones were destroyed by hammers and her aides took the Fifth and were granted immunity by the FBI as in Mafia cases. He noted that her greatest achievement is getting away with her email scheme and subsequent cover-up.

Trump asked how many more Clinton scandals this country can survive. His call to end Clinton corruption brought wild cheers. Do we need Clinton drama – on multiple fronts – for the next four years?

He noted that her campaign is unserious. Clinton’s invocation of something to do with Miss Universe twenty years ago only proves Trump’s point. The leader of the Free World should be decided on something more substantive than that frivolity, but that’s what Hillary has. The woman card: deal me in.

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