All according to plan…

From Via Media:

More and more health care watchers are questioning whether enough young adults will sign up for insurance under the ACA to keep the system afloat. The latest is centrist think tank The Brookings Institute, which has a new report out on Obamacare entitled “The Affordable Care Act: A User’s Guide to Implementation.” The report argues, among other things, that there’s a possible flaw built into the law that could undermine the whole system. The penalty for not buying insurance could be too low to convince young healthy individuals to sign up for insurance, thus creating adverse selection:

The news media and the insurance industry think this is a bug. I’d say that Obama considers it a feature. It’s the feature that leads to single payor. That’s what he’s wanted along. He’s said so before he was first elected. The smart money believed him, the rest didn’t want to hear that and ignored it. They’re still ignoring it.

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