After Millennials — The Snowflakes

As did Gen X before them, Millennials are getting long in the tooth. A new generation is coming of age now and some people are wondering what to call it. It seems the “Snowflake Generation” might catch on. The “Pusillanimous Generation” would quickly be shortened to the “Pussy Generation” and might be misunderstood. The “Offended by Everything Generation” is too long, as is the “I want everything that offends me banned generation.” Suggestions abound: The scaredy cat generation, the frightened Generation, the timid and weak Generation, the faint-hearted generation, the crybully generation, The non-ending comlaint generation, the Tinker Bell generation. Actually this last one would never work, Tinker Bell wasn’t exactly timid or quick to complain about things.

Just plain “Snowflakes” in one word seems best and will probably win out.

Sorry, snowflake, we can’t ban everything that offends you:

Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show has some richly deserved scorn for campus snowflakes:

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