Advice to Republicans in 2016

Mark Cunningham of the New York Post has advice for Republicans if they want to win in 2016, and beyond for that matter. He says they must remember the voters they forgot; the voters without which (history shows) Republicans cannot win:

They’re the voters who didn’t come out for John McCain in 2008, and mostly not for Mitt Romney in 2012: They’re middle- and working-class — mostly men and mostly white, though some minority voters and women will respond to the same appeal.

When these voters have come out for the GOP, it’s seen congressional landslides like 1994, 2010 and ’14 — but no national Republican since Ronald Reagan has fully drawn them in.

Read the whole thing, it’s packed with sound advice for Republicans. That is if they want to win in 2016. Given their attitude since the November election, that’s an open question. Do you doubt that maybe they don’t even want to win? Well, they don’t sufficiently honor Ronald Reagan. Some of them, such as Newt Gingrich, say dumb things like, “The age of Ronald Reagan is over.” Some of them, such as those along the lines of vice-president George “voodoo economics” Bush, positively disliked Ronald Reagan. Some Republicans, such as John McCain, act as if their constituency is the liberal media instead of working class voters.  Some Republicans, such as former President George Bush, model themselves on Richard Nixon more than on Ronald Reagan.  A whole lot of Republicans, too numerous to name, simply do not believe that emulating Ronald Reagan can ever again be a winning strategy. As for this last group, their attitude is idiotic and, I believe, is simply an excuse for why they don’t revere The Great One today.

All that is why the GOP is sometimes called the stupid party. They should not let their win in the 2014 midterms go to the heads or it will seriously mislead them in 2016.  After, they didn’t really win last November. The Democrats lost.  If the Republicans won anything, it was by default.  Their  numbskull stupid behavior since does not bode well for 2016, when the voters will have forgotten how mad they were at Democrats in 2014. In fact, if Republicans don’t wake up pretty soon the voters could be just as mad at them in 2016 as they were at Democrats in 2014. Politics is fickle.

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