Adult Babies

Just in case you still aren’t convinced that America is not only broke, but that it has also gone barking mad crazy, certain politicians (of which party?) are calling for the government to provide us with free diapers.  Yes, it’s been observed that people are having to buy their own diapers.  Food Stamps don’t cover them, you see.  Since there is almost nothing these days that we think the government should not provide us for free, why not diapers?

But it’s not just paying for our diapers that the government must do, there also needs to be awareness of the need for government supplied diapers, so last Thursday was the official “Diaper Need Awareness Day” in Connecticut, proclaimed by the governor.  That’s in case you weren’t aware that babies need diapers.  Well, you probably knew that but did you know that adults also need diapers?  Adult babies, that is.

Why is it that birdbrain ideas always seem to originate in the wealthiest parts in the country, Connecticut, California, Washington D.C., certain neighborhoods of Omaha, etc.  Does having a ton of money rot brain cells?

Just so Connecticut’s governor doesn’t steal all the honors for this much needed and long overdue awareness raising, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro has jumped into the diaper act with an Act of her own.  Mark Steyn makes nonsense of it all with humor and brilliance in his National Review column,  Adult Babies:

If you’re wondering what sentient being isn’t aware of diapers, you’re missing the point: Connecticut representative Rosa DeLauro is raising awareness of the need for diapers in order to, as Politico reported, “push the Federal Government to provide free diapers to poor families.” Congresswoman DeLauro has introduced the DIAPER Act — that’s to say, the Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act. So don’t worry, it’s not welfare, it’s “stimulus.” As Fox News put it, “A U.S. congresswoman in Connecticut wants to boost the economy by offering free diapers to low-income families.” And, given that sinking bazillions of dollars into green-jobs schemes to build eco-cars in Finland and a federal program to buy guns for Mexican drug cartels and all the other fascinating innovations of the Obama administration haven’t worked, who’s to say borrowing money from the Chinese politburo and sticking it in your kid’s diaper isn’t the kind of outside-the-box thinking that will do the trick?

Congresswoman DeLauro is thinking too small: Maybe we could all be issued with free diapers. As a casual glance at the headlines suggests, there’s almost nothing you can’t get government to pay for, but that’s no reason not to demand more. At its core, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement (in the political rather than the diaper-filling sense) is a plea for ever more extended adolescence funded at public expense. Don’t knock it. Dozing around listening to drum circles all day is more dangerous than it looks. Last week, several dozen members of “Occupy Las Vegas” occupying land located under the final approach to Runway 19 at McCarran International Airport narrowly missed being hit by a 50-pound slab of what’s euphemistically known as “blue ice” that fell from the bathroom of the president’s plane. Perhaps, as a symbol of the new post-self-reliant America of adult babies, Air Force One should be fitted with a giant diaper.

Treat yourself to a little Sunday morning of poking fun at the latest folly of our leaders and read it all.

Can we still get free government cheese?  We need a Free Lunch Act.  Wonder why Rosa DeLauro didn’t think of that.

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