Admission: Nikolas Cruz Was Given Free Pass by Broward County Solution

The Broward County Solution is a Broward public school practice of not arresting students for serious disciplinary offenses, and even those that are felonies, in order to avoid claims of racism. It’s the failed program in which Nikolas Cruz was given a free pass. I’ve written before here, here and here about how The Broward school’s policies bear a huge chunk of blame for the Parkland Shooting by Nikolas Cruz where he murdered 17 people.

The policy was to lower the black and hispanic arrest rate by simply not arresting them for serious infractions, even those that constitute felonies. The name they gave this idiocy was The Promise Program. Broward officials have claimed all along that Cruz was never connected to the Promise program. We always suspected they were lying. Now they’ve admitted it. Not to lying, but that Cruz was interdicted by the Promise program….5 times!

There’s more. The school was warned on many occasions that Cruz was dangerous and might do something like shoot up the Stoneman High School. It’s alway easier to blame guns and law-abiding gun owners that the idiot policies and vacuous bromides that liberals constantly force upon us.

More here: Officials Admit Parkland Shooter Took Part In Controversial Broward Discipline Program

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