Adam Haner beaten to a pulp for being white


The Black Lives Matter mob puts its cowardice on display by beating a man that is helpless down on the ground. This was a racial attack. The thugs were black and the victim white. BLM actually stands not for black lives, they don’t care anything about the lives of other black people. It is more appropriate to say that BLM stands for burn loot and murder.Thats how it appears, anyway. As once said by a wise man, “We know them better by their actions than their words.”


Marquise Love

Marquise Love is the man who was shown on tape mercilously beating Adam Haner. He’s now in the custody of the Portland police.

Twenty-five year old Love has an extensive criminal rap sheet beginning at least 8 years ago when he was 17. He’s been convicted of enough crimes to have sent him to prison of decades but has mysteriously avoided any incarceration for his many convictions of serious crimes.

Adam Haner was forced to pay the price for the coddling of Marquise Love by the Portland justice system.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline Blog has the details of Love’s avoidance of all penalties for his years lone criminal behavior. His piece is so good I hope it is widely read. (Well, it will be, it’s Powerline) Here is the full transcript which I could not help but post for my readers:

Marquise Love is the thug who was caught on video viciously assaulting Adam Haner in Portland, Oregon the other day during a “protest.” Love knocked Haner unconscious. Police now have Love in custody.

As is almost always true in publicized cases involving serious felonies, Love has a long rap sheet. In a well-functioning criminal justice system, he would be in prison. In our ultra-lenient system, he was free to cause mayhem.

Love is only 25 year old, but his criminal history dates back to at least 2012. According to this report, he was arrested twice that year. The charges included second-degree theft, criminal trespass, and interfering with public transportation. He pleaded guilty to the latter charge and was sentenced to 18 months probation and a $500 fine,. Apparently, the other charges were dismissed.

Two years later, Love was charged with violating his probation. In the same year, 2016, he was convicted for driving without a valid driver’s license and without insurance. A short time later, still in 2016, he convicted was again for the same offenses.

Incredibly, Love was arrested two more times in 2016. One arrest was for providing false information in connection with the transfer of a firearm. The other was for domestic assault and criminal trespass

Then, in 2017, Love was arrested for domestic assault and domestic harassment. Apparently, he wasn’t prosecuted, but his guilt was obvious enough that a judge signed a protective order against him.

Most recently, Love was convicted in 2019 for failing to appear in court to answer charges of again driving with a suspended or revoked license. Reportedly, Loves owes thousands of dollars in unpaid fines from his various convictions.

As far as I can tell, Love hasn’t served any jail time in spite of his convictions, probation violations, and failure to pay fines.

Through his actions, Love has shown both a propensity for violence and a chronic lack of regard for the law. Yet he was never punished in any meaningful sense. Instead, he remained free to roam the streets and assault the innocent.

Astounding isn’t it? What in the world is wrong with America’s politicians and judges? Why do they consistently put citizens in danger of thugs such a Marquise Love?

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