Ad hominem attacks from leftist media don’t work anymore

Name calling and similar attempts to destroy Republicans and conservatives worked so well for so long because the leftist legacy media could completely control the national narrative. When Walter Cronkite ended his news hour with, “And that’s they way it is this __ day of ___,” everyone agreed that really was how it was. The media and the Left don’t have that monopoly any more and so they no longer have such control over everyone’s psyche. Today they could never make the whole nation believe the Tet Offensive was a Viet Cong victory. But in that time and in that climate Uncle Walter easily turned a U.S. Military victory into a debacle.

It’s not just that there’re other voices to be heard, it’s also because of a change in the heart and mind, and perhaps the spine as well, of conservatives and some Republicans.

It used to be that when the media accused some member of the GOP of some atrocity, whether there was even a grain of truth or not, the object of shame would capitulate and start acting conciliatory in hopes of appeasing the attackers. This is always and everywhere an act of self sabotage that’s found disgusting by most disinterested observers. It’s inevitably how the poor wretch would end his public career, to the great satisfaction of his leftist tormentors.

But we now see that the faint-hearted Republicans and conservative public figures have more or less been eliminated from public life, and those left standing are the stronger ones willing to stand up and fight back. Donald Trump is their leader.

This is proof of cultural evolution. Penicillin was the wonder drug that defeated pneumonia from killing people. It worked so well it led to the discovery of newer and better antibiotics. When these drugs were overprescribed the weaker bugs were killed off, but biological evolution produced stronger ones that survived because they were immune.  The overuse of antibiotics led to the evolution of even more drug resistant bugs.

That’s a good metaphor of what the cultural Left has done to its self. By overplaying its hand at every turn a new class of GOP politicians and conservatives has evolved. This new strain of what the Left probably thinks of as dangerous bacteria is immune to the Left’s name calling, race baiting, and character assassination.  They fight back. The Left has no other tricks in its repertoire. All it can do is double down on hateful rhetoric that’s loses its power in the face of strength and resistance. Today, it is the Left that is made to look foolish by its pummeling of conservatives.

Donald Trump: Savior, Liberator, Progenitor of a new class of conservative willing to stand up and meet the enemy head on.

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