Brigitte Gabriel’s brilliant analysis of peaceful muslims

After every new Islamic terrorists attack we hear the argument that you can’t brand all Muslims by the actions of a few. Well, that’s true, but nobody is accusing all Muslims of being terrorists. It’s irrelevant that most muslims are not terrorists because somewhere between 180 million and 300 million are either terrorists themselves or support terrorism. That’s more than a few, but that leaves one billion muslims who are not terrorists or supporters of terrorists. So, it’s irrelevant that most Muslims are not terrorists. Brigitte Gabriel explains why.

From June 14, 2014:

At a Heritage event in 2014 a Muslim woman asks why Muslims are portrayed badly because, after all, most Muslims are peaceful. Brigitte Gabriel gives an answer that should stir your soul and set you to asking why nobody else is talking this way. Political correctness, of course, is the reason.

Brigitte Gabriel is a Lebanese Christian. She was born in Lebanon. Her family home was destroyed in Lebanon’s Civil War when she was 10 years old. She and her family were trapped in the rubble for 2 days. She is now an American journalist, author, social commentator and activist. Gabriel says that Islam keeps countries backward, and that it teaches terrorism.

In responding to the question of “why blame Muslims when the majority of them are peaceful?”, Brigitte Gabriel says that the terrorists constitute such a threat as to make the majority of peaceful moderate Muslims irrelevant just as the majority of Germans were peaceful but wholly irrelevant to the Nazis’ murder of 60 million people. Nobody said forget what the Nazis did because most Germans aren’t Nazis. Nobody takes it lightly that most Americans aren’t murderers because we still have 10,000 12,000 murders in America every year.

The Muslim woman then says she doesn’t think she is irrelevant, but she misunderstands what Brigitte Gabriel said. She isn’t saying this Muslim woman is irrelevant as a person, she is saying that when 300 million Muslims are violent terrorists or support violent terrorists, it’s irrelevant that another One billion Muslims are peaceful and moderate.

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