Here it is, the absolute best argument for electing Donald Trump

If Hillary Clinton is elected she will continue Obama’s disastrous polices which will eventually destroy the concept of Constitutional government in our country. The Democrats will be behind her all the way and will fight vicously to promote her every wish and deed. We have learned over the last 8 years that we cannot depend on Republicans to be an opposition party. They may frown a little, even utter a word or two against the Hillary agenda, and then go along with Democrats to give her everything she wants. They often gave Obama more money than he even ask for to continue his fundamental transformation of America. They’ll do the same for Hillary.

Hillary will nominate uber leftist Democrats to the Supreme Court on the order of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Republicans will offer no effective opposition. They will mouth some nonsense such as she won the election so she’s entitled to get the justices she wants. The U.S. Constitution will fall into the dustbin of history. Democrats will rejoice.

But if Trump is elected he will face stiff oppostion from Democrats every time he speaks or takes a step. And Republicans will not defend him and will probably join with the Democrats, albeit as surrepitiously as possible. The Constitution will have a chance if Trump is elected, none if Hillary is elected.

There you have it. Love or hate Trump he’s the only choice we can make to save our country and our Constitution.

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