Absolute and unequivocal proof that Republicans are stupid and are about to be slaughtered

The most disturbing phenomena of the Holocaust has always been that the victims went willingly to their slaughter.  If Republicans don’t wake up soon, a political holocaust is about to wipe them out.  But it won’t just be Republican office holders that will suffer.  Everyone will suffer from one-party rule by the Democrats.  When their diabolical objectives are finally achieved it won’t much matter whether a majority of voters like the policies that will be put into place.  When you control the election process you don’t have to worry about what the electorate thinks because the electorate will have largely lost all control over their own lives.

Republicans in Colorado probably cannot stop this because Democrats are in total control of Colorado right now.  But they can certainly make a fuss about it. They can certainly sound a hue and cry and explain to the people of Colorado what is going on, and that they are about to lose all control over their state government.

J.Christian Adams:

Something is happening in Colorado, and you better pay attention. Colorado Democrats, with the active help of some Republican county election clerks interested in shirking work, have devised a revolutionary plan to remake future Colorado elections.

The plan is simple: ballots are automatically mailed out to every single person on the voter rolls. Ballots are even mailed to people listed as “inactive” voters at their last known address. Ballots are then voted and returned by mail.

No more polling places.

No more voters actually demonstrating an interest in participating in an election. The government will decide that for them, and scatter millions of paper ballots into the U.S. mail.

In 2016, this system will be an invitation to fraud. It will be unmanageable. And it will be a model to pass in other states controlled by Democrats.

Despite the effort of some Senators, this proposal will almost certainly become law because the GOP doesn’t have the numbers to stop it. Election integrity champion and Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler is trying to explain how this proposal will breed fraud, but Democrats don’t care.

This bill is about power, not good government. If it passes, Colorado will likely remain blue for years. Those who doubt that don’t understand how important process is to election outcomes. Cleta Mitchell, an election law expert, recently spoke to the True the Vote national summit on the topic: ”Process, process, process,” she told the audience.

Republicans and all who believe ordinary people should have some say in Government are about to be disenfranchised, if they don’t stop being unwitting dupes for the Left. In Colorado, two Republican county clerks are actually helping the Democrats craft an election bill that will make all voting in Colorado by mail alone. No more polling places. Jefferson County Clerk Pamela Anderson (303-271-8186) and Mesa County Clerk Sheila Reiner (970-244-1896) are the two main dupes in Colorado actively helping Democrats take over the State. Why are they doing it? Not having any more polling places will make their jobs easier. I guess they don’t understand that their jobs will be very easy because they won’t have them anymore.

Democrats are always accusing others of voter suppression. There is no greater voter suppression than fraudulent voting. Every illegal vote cancels out the vote of someone who voted legitimately.  The election law being pushed by Democrats will create unlimited opportunities for vote fraud.

Democrats see this not as a bug, but a feature.

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