About Me

A few words about me

— I’m Ken Willis, I live in Wyoming most of the time and in Colorado some of the time. After the 2018 election when Colorado became a solid blue state I decided it was time to relocate. I’m a lawyer admitted in Wyoming and Colorado, on retired status in Wyoming, active status in Colorado where I am General Counsel for the Colorado Rangers, oldest state wide law enforcement agency in Colorado. I do not have and will not accept any other clients.

All my work for the Rangers is strictly pro bono. I am not paid for my work and I am good with that. Personal satisfaction is payment enough. The Rangers are all voluntary. Somewhat similar but not completely the same as volunteer fire departments. Like me, they don’t get paid for risking their lives. Well, I don’t risk my life, but they do every time they are called out. They are some of the finest people in Colorado. Currently there are over seventy sworn rangers. Would that there were more like them.

They are all post certified law enforcement officers (actively on duty only when wearing their uniforms). According to State Statutes new rangers must attend the police academy and earn their post certification before they can become sworn Colorado Rangers.

With this blog I am still fighting for Truth, Justice and the American Way (That’s what the moniker “TeeJaw” means). I have a life long love of motorcycles, especially Ducatis.

The American Way is liberty; self reliance; rugged individualism; economic prosperity as the path to the good life for everyone rich or poor; and the pursuit of happiness as the highest good because happy people are the most kind, considerate of others, generous of their bounty and of themselves, and least likely to bring harm to their country or their fellow citizen.

The American Way is equality of opportunity as opposed to equality of result because we are a collection of individuals with separate identities and not a dissolved whole. It is how we differ from one another in our goals, aspirations and abilities that make us the most dynamic force on planet earth. It is this that makes others from around the whole world want to come here and become a part of the American Way.

Sadly, the American Way is currently under assault by leftist socialism and people who call themselves “progressives” even though the fundamental changes they hope to impose on us lead to a dark past and not to a bright future.

We don’t want to be governed from the left, or from the right, or from the center. We want to govern ourselves. Our founders endeavored to create a new nation of self-governing and self-actualizing people, but the leftist statists in the political class hate that whole idea. They hate the idea that we are in charge of our destiny, not them. Our very liberty is at stake. More now than ever, I fear.

TeeJaw? What’s that?

TeeJaw is the acronym I use for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” I was going to use “T-JAW” until I found out that it is used at a porn site. So, in order to avoid confusion on what this site is about, I adopted “TeeJaw.”

What is “Truth, Justice and the American Way?” Well, besides being what Superman always fought for, I have explained the American Way above. Truth and Justice should be obvious. Be honest, accept a fair and reasonable result in all matters. I like the Bible phrase that tells us to, “Love mercy, do justice, and go humbly with God.” I’m inspired by those words even though I don’t necessarily believe in God. If he really does exist I hope he’ll forgive me.

Justice means accepting a result that in the totality of circumstances is reasonable for all. A criminal who commits an aggravated murder should accept the justice of a guilty verdict and a sentence of death as reasonable for what he did. Gary Gilmore was such a man. Executed by firing squad in Utah in 1977, Gilmore never claimed he should not be executed. He accepted his fate for what he had done. He did a bad thing and then he accepted the justice that was due. It was reasonable and just for Utah to execute Gilmore, and Gilmore accepted his fate because he knew and acknowledged that it was a reasonable exercise of justice. I doubt that killers go to heaven but if any do, Gilmore is there. If so, it will be because he took his justice like a man. If there ever is forgiveness for murder, that is the first step.