ABC News wastes no time finding that Aurora movie shooter, James Holmes, has a Tea Party Connection

But they are basing this lovely conclusion on finding a James Holmes on some Tea Party membership list, and IT’S THE WRONG GUY! The Aurora shooter is 24 years old and is apparently not from Colorado, his car has out-of-state plates. The James Holmes they found on the Tea Party donor list is 50, and a native of Colorado. Completely different profile.

Oh well, they will keep looking. They just have to find some sort of Tea Party connection to this shooting, as well as a Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck connection. I mean, that’s the narrative for them.

Every time one of these horrific shootings occurs, they drag out the blood libel.

Why don’t they think about an #occupy wall street connection? Crimes such as rape, robbery and even murder occurred at several occupy wall street rallies. To my knowledge, every Tea Party rally has been peaceful, and they even clean up all the trash before they leave. The Tea Party merely advocates less government spending and the to the Left, that is violent.

Most theaters in the Denver area have a no gun policy. Under Colorado law the 200,000 plus Coloradoans who possess CCW permits cannot legally carry their guns into these theaters. CCW holders are law abiding, otherwise they would not be able to posses their gun permit.  Thus, CCW holders either stay away from theaters or go without their gun.  Many stay away specifically because they consider “gun-free zones” to be dangerous because they attract just the sort of maniac that carried out this latest shooting.  The psychos prefer unarmed victims.

If the Century 21 is one of the theaters with a no gun policy [UPDATE:  It is now confirmed that this theater does has such a policy] that explains why there was apparently no one in that theater with a concealed handgun who might have stopped this massacre or at least lessened its severity. Experience has shown that mass shooters are generally cowards who can be easily stopped by someone with the means to fight back.  The people in that theater were the true first responders.

Nanny Bloomberg is already using this incident to call for more gun control laws. The Left never lets a good tragedy go to waste.



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