A welfare state is not a benevolent state

Obama’s massive expansion of welfare, food stamps, social security disability, free cell phones, and all the other government give-aways that we probably don’t even know about, are not done out of any genuine concern for the well being of the Americans and illegal aliens who are getting the benefits. To the contrary, these gifts and entitlements are simply a way for Obama to buy the votes of those he claims he wants to help.  He doesn’t use his own money or that of his campaign donors to buy these votes, even if vote buying were not illegal and despicable.  He buys them with money taken from hard-working Americans and pays it to idle Americans solely to persuade them to vote for him in order to keep the benefits coming.

This is a bad form of corruption by itself, but it’s also evil for what it does to those who improvidently make a Faustian bargain with Obama.  They are robbed of their opportunity to be self sustaining, independent and proud.  That’s no small thing if you consider Abraham Maslow and his famous theory on innate human needs.  These are psychological needs that are essential to happiness and human flourishing.  These innate needs follow steps through security, stimulation, identity, and at the top of the hierarchy is something Maslow calls self actualization.  It sounds daunting but all it means is the ability to make happen in your life whatever it is you want to happen.  Within reason, of course.  You can’t win the lottery even though you want to, and that’s because it’s a matter of chance that you can’t control.  But most of the good things in life are within a person’s control.  Having friends, getting an education, getting a job or entering a profession, making a living, having a family, seeing your children grow up, living in a good neighborhood, taking great vacations, having a healthy sex life, creating things with your own hands, having the respect of others, knowing you are a moral person, and doing it all by your own talent and initiative are what makes you a self-actualizing person, and therefore a happy and fulfilled person.

Depending on government welfare for anything other than a temporary lift completely destroys all possibility of ever knowing the joy of independence and self respect.  Nothing else explains the insistence of certain people that they would starve and die before they would accept government welfare. They are the ones who understand that man does not live on bread alone.  Even those who do not think this way, those people who don’t believe they need or want independence and self reliance will invariably suffer by trying to live outside those values.

That’s the fate to which Obama’s welfare expansion dooms all the Americans who accept it.  That justifies calling it evil.  It’s evil because it’s done for selfish opportunistic reasons and inflicts harm on those its done to, without care or concern by the evil doer.

Walter Russell Meade says all this in his blog post entitled, Want to Be Happy? Get to Work:

Work is an essential aspect of human life, one of the things that fulfill us as human beings. There is a basic human desire to contribute to society, so we grow depressed and feel listless when we’re not doing that.

While we don’t want to read policy directives right out of this research, the general principle, that work is important for people of all ages, should always be in the background of our thinking about retirement and employment more broadly.



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