A Socialist Explains Himself

Thomas Horton explains why he is a socialist at Salon.com in Why I Am A Socialist.

You can read it and see if you’re convinced. I wasn’t. Socialists never tell you the real reason they are socialists, which is pretty simple. An honest socialist I could respect, but they’d have to own up to it. If they did that they’d say something like, “I am not satisfied with what I produce myself and I want my fair share of what other people produce.”

That would be an honest socialist. Alas, there is no such thing.

UPDATE: You may say my pithy statement does not explain why wealthy people often support socialist political policies, usually while denying that they are socialists. I have two responses to that. First, the wealthy who support socialist political policies don’t want to spend their own money on them, they want to finance such policies with other people’s money and they delude themselves into believing that is possible. Second, wealthy people are sometimes intellectuals who dislike the fact that capitalism allows for individual decision making leaving little for intellectuals to control. They don’t like that. They like to control things because, as intellectuals, they think they are the only smart ones and therefor they should be the locus of all social decision making.

So there.

As Bill O’Reilly would say, “Tell me why I’m wrong.” You can do that in the comments.

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