A simple question, but the answer may not be obvious

Obama is clearly the most radical leftist ideologue ever to occupy the White House.  He continues to go farther over the top with his radical policies and antics, doing things we’ve never seen before.

These include his failure to do anything to help our embassy in Benghazi when it came under attack and then later making up an obvious lie that the Benghazi attack started as a protest over an anti-muslim movie few people had ever heard of.  The obvious truth known at the time and now established as fact is that it was a well-planned and coordinated attack on the anniversary of 9/11.  When the truth came out that some protest over a movie had nothing to do with the death of four Americans including our Ambassador in Benghazi, Obama shifted to claiming he didn’t get the intel in time to do anything before it was too late.  That’s also a lie, but who can keep up with the lies coming out the Obama White House anymore.

More recently we’ve seen Obama claim that Armageddon will occur if the sequestration goes into effect even though there are no real cuts and only a small cut in the rate of growth of spending.  The reduction in the rate of growth could take place virtually without any noticing it because the government will still be spending more this year than it did last year.  Obama’s over the top rhetoric sounds like the petulant complaints of a spoiled child.

The latest outrage is that almost 8,000 illegal alien criminals have been released from prison, supposedly in anticipation of budget cuts if the next continuing resolution is not renewed when it expires at the end of March.  These are not Mexican illegals that were doing some landscaping somewhere, ICE isn’t even detaining them anymore.  These were illegals that were in jail because they had committed crimes and had been turned over to ICE for deportation. Now Obama’s media spokesman Jay Carney insists that this action was done by ICE without any input from the White House.  There is a word for anyone who believes that.  The kind one is Naive, the more harsh word is idiot.

So the question is, “Why is Obama doing these things?”

That’s the question Mark Belling put to the audience of his radio show on WISN – Milwaukee yesterday.  He had to take quite a few calls before anyone got it.  All the usual answers were given, that Obama is a radical leftist ideologue, he has a compliant media that will sing whatever chorus line he gives them, he knows he can get away with it, etc.  These are probably all part of the answer but none of them nails it.  This is one of those questions for which the best and most concise answer is so simple that thinking too hard about it can lead you astray.

The answer is that Obama is doing things we’ve never seen before and never thought we would see and knows he can get away with it….because a slight majority of the population is stupid.  If they aren’t actually stupid then they are acting stupidly.  Otherwise they would be raising all kinds of hell about what Obama is doing.  Bill Clinton is probably about as radical as Obama but never did any of these things because he knew the American people would have gone nuts if he had.

This answer also points up the core problem the rest of the country who aren’t stupid must face right now.  There is an enormous divide in America between people who look at what Obama is doing and  are astonished and outraged by it.  Obama’s behavior is beyond anything they have ever seen or expected.  In fact, Obama and his cuddlesome media may be starting to wonder if letting the illegal alien criminals loose might have gone too far and that’s why they’ve come out with the same sort of lies they used after Benghazi.

The people Obama is depending on to give him a pass on all of these shenanigans are so stupid they will probably blame the Republicans, maybe even George W. Bush.  Obama is powered by this huge segment of the public who are OK with his radicalism.  They either aren’t processing it, the media has laid it out in a way that does not hit them with the truth, or they just don’t give a damn.

What this does is tell us in stark reality just what sort of man Obama is, about his lack of integrity.  A responsible president who cared about his country and the people who put him in office would not do these things.  He’s not acting as a responsible leader of the country.  In fact, he’a acting like an extortionist saying he will do all these things if he doesn’t get his way at every turn. Who would do this?  How low is he?

His popularity with the stupid set is allowing us to see just how low he really is; how unfit for leadership he is; and how little he actually cares for the United States.

If he really cared about the programs that he claims sequestration will harm he would not be cutting them, he would be cutting something else.  Contrary to what the low information voters might believe, Obama does in fact have the discretion to decide where to cut and where not to cut.  Moreover, a lack of discretion has never slowed him down before from doing just what he wants to do.

So what should the rest of the country do about this?  One thing not to do is to worry too much about it.  The rest of the country has no choice but to continue on with their lives as best they can.  It is the Republicans in Congress who most need to understand that they should stop worrying that the low information voters and the stupid set are going to blame them for everything.  They should be fighting Obama all the way on all of this.  If the public is not engaged enough to understand what is going on the Republicans should understand that it is their responsibility to keep attention focused on it so the people will begin to pay attention and perhaps come to their senses.

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