A primer on modern female privilege in America

Anyone man that supports the Second Amendment and gun rights in general should take glee in the fact that so many women are buying guns and taking shooting classes.  They should be thankful for this because if women in general wants gun rights, no politician dare try to take those rights away. You see, it’s like this. America has become a society where pretty much everything is determined by what women want, not by what men want.  If women want guns, that’s terrific. It means that men will probably be able to keep theirs as well.

An article that appears here is not about guns but is all about modern female privilege.  Like everything else it’s not universal.  Some women make their living providing the domestic needs (child care, grocery shopping, preparing meals, dry cleaning, etc.) of the wealthy and powerful women at the pinnacle of female privilege.  Some women simply aren’t narcissistic enough to enjoy the new female privilege since it mostly comes at the expense of men.  Most are, though.

Any politician needing to win an election had better cater to the powerful women of privilege, not the worker bees that carry water for them.  Democrats clearly understand this.  If it were otherwise, they would not be pushing their utterly ridiculous political meme of a “war on women.”  Powerful women need not be astute enough to see through this cheesy strategy of the Democrats, their knee-jerk reaction to the slightest possible threat to their current status of privilege will rule them.  Like most of the rest of political science, Republicans don’t have a clue about any of this and can be counted on to play into the Democrats’ hands by reacting defensively.

Powerful women will, for now at least, get most or all of what they want. That includes making the worker bees pay for their birth control pills. Pure narcissism, that.

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