A million new trees? We’re gonna need more CO2

Trump  plans to plant one million new trees next year. Sounds good to me, I like trees. Especially the shade they make. But trees need CO2, it’s plant food. At the current 400 parts per million I don’t think that’s enough to feed a million new trees and the millions of other trees that are already on the earth. I’d say a doubling of the current concentration, to 800 parts per million might be needed.

So get out your corporate jets and go flying. Backyard barbecue like crazy. Take Sunday drives in the mountains. Turn up the air conditioner. Increase your carbon footprints as much as you. Remember, after all, you’re helping the planet and driving true believers crazy at the same time. That’s a twofer.

Maybe we should bring these back, it would help with CO2, but alas, the smoke wouldn’t be so good.

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