A History of Hot and Cold Times on Earth

This video compliments my previous posts, The Amazing Hockey Stick Trick and Hockey Stick in Context.

I wonder if Global warming true believers who insist that human activity is warming the planet ask themselves if the current warming period (which seems to have ended around 1999) is part of a historical pattern or if it is something entirely new.

They must think it is unprecedented otherwise I don’t understand how they support the notion that current warming is due to human activity. If you acknowledge that similar warming has occurred in the past when either there were no humans or no human production of greenhouse gases, why is this time different? We all know, or should know, that about 10,000 years ago most of North America was covered with a sheet of ice a mile thick in some places. The Rocky Mountains where I live bear the scars of shifting glaciers; the Great Lakes were first made by the melting of the ice that once covered the Canadian Shield, i.e., most of the midwest of Canada and the United States.

I’ve never figured out whether the true believers actually didn’t learn about previous ice ages as children or if they are just erasing it from their minds because it interferes with their adult beliefs. Ideology with do that.

Of course, Michael Mann’s nature trick leading to the hockey stick trick was meant to deal with that wrinkle. The hockey stick was meant to create the impression that the current warming period was dramatically steeper in magnitude than all previous warming periods, making the case that only human release of vast amounts of greenhouse gases could account for it. Now that the hockey stick has been conclusively shown to be fraudulent, that argument is put to rest and the true believers are in a conundrum.

The above video shows that even as constructed Mann’s hockey stick does not really make the case for human-caused global warming because there were real hockey sticks in the past. Probably we should be grateful for natural warming because the history of the earth is cold, sometimes very cold, punctuated by warming periods. Without greenhouse gases we would not be here. Without the greenhouse effect the earth’s temperature would be much too cold to support most of life as we know it.

The above video traces geological history that Al Gore and his followers must now find to be “an inconvenient truth.”

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