Alexander Markovsky exposes the consensus of nonsense about climate change

Alexander Markovsky at American Thinker has a great piece on the forward march of the climate change hoax, Climate Change: The Poetry of Dreams and  the Prose of Reality. I call what’s going on a consensus of nonsense about climate change.

Markovsky starts with George Bernard Shaw who once wrote, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.”

That quote so very well fits our current world plague of narcissism. It’s the driving force behind the consensus of nonsense about climate change. It’s the root of the foolish belief in human caused climate change. It’s narcissism that enables human beings to believe they can harness the climate, change it or stop it from changing. It’s not possible and Shaw’s reasonable man knows that.

The Zeitgeist is always changing, as is the climate. Humans do cause Zeitgeist change. If you’re a literature scholar you know that the late 19th century was a time when humans believed that mother nature was all powerful and held her power over we insignificant humans who could do little but learn to live and survive her every storm, hurricane, volcano eruption, flooding and all the rest. Now a sizable number of humans believe that it’s nothing to do with mother nature, no it us. We’re the problem. We’re then causing all the climatic eruptions and any hardship we suffer from it deserved because of our own stupidity and excess of living.

To get a feel of just how much the zeitgeist has changed just take a look at Stephen Crane’s short story from 1897, The Open Boat. It’s the story of a ship-wrecked party who finally managed to get their life boat near to the shore but were denied close enough access to land by mother nature’s tide current and under tow.  This kind of literature that began with Crane’s short story has come to be called the school of naturalism. It was a literary movement which emphasized the scientific method in the fictional portrayal of reality.

Imagine that, letting reality govern fictional writing. Balzac called it verisimilitude and held the no story lacking it would be worth reading. We now live in a world where reality cannot find respect in supposedly non-fiction writing and story telling.


There couldn’t be a better description of a newly released climate-change report compiled by 13 federal agencies. The report blames human activities and emission of CO2 for the rise in temperature and warns that it will hurt the U.S. economy and lead to thousands of deaths. Apparently, “Apocalypse Now” is threatening a host of calamities, and we should blow trillions of dollars to save the planet. Haven’t we heard this song before?

The old saw of the “consensus of scientists” rears its ugly head again as a new consensus of nonsense about climate change. In truth the scientific method has nothing to do with any “consensus.” Here are all the entries in my collection of posts on the scientific method.

The climate change hoax originated with “scientists” acting more like lawyers trying to win a losing case than with anything even similar to the scientific method.

Here is the prose of reality; there is no compelling evidence to suggest that the source of climate change is man-made. There are other persuasive causes such as the Sun’s activity and the Earth’s reflectivity, could affect temperatures on this planet.

A long coal train, I mean long, it could be a mile long, goes through Denver about once a day. Whenever I see it I want to put my hand on my heart and mutter something like., “I love to see a coal train in the morning. It feels like….victory!” Why not, it’s low-sulfur clean burning coal from Wyoming that pollutes very little as it supplies millions of BTUs of energy.

You’’ll want to read all of Markovsky’s excellent piece. It’s worth the time, believe me.


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