A Conflict of Visions

This post is about a Conflict of Visions.

One of Ms. TeeJaw’s friends was talking to me way back before the 2016 election. She asked why I was voting for Trump, what was he going to do that I thought was good, she asked. I replied something like, “Well you know, he wants to make America great again.” I was being flippant because I knew she hated Trump and there would be no convincing her otherwise to the slightest degree. Her immediate and indignant reply was, “What? That’s not a policy!”

I was thinking that even if it’s not strictly a political policy, it could serve as the basis for a lot of things that would be policies intended to do just that — to make America great, again. I mean, we just had 8 years of policies made by people who don’t think America is great, don’t belief it ever has been, and probably don’t ever want it to be.

That wasted conversation with a rabid Trump hater, or rather, that wasted attempt to have a conversation, is on my mind again. In the last 17 months since Trump was sworn in as the America’s 45th president the list of accomplishments that are making America great again is a long one. It’s longer than any other president in recent memory for sure. Obama wanted to transform America into a gigantic welfare state consisting of mainly the super rich and the welfare class. The middle class would become much the same as it is today in California, stymied and under employed but with no place to escape.

Trump wants something entirely different, and we’re already seeing it happen.  It’s mind boggling how fast things are turning around. Obama said all the good jobs that used to provide a good life for a thriving middle class are gone and they are never coming back. He chastised Trump for saying that when he is president they will come back. Obama railed on “How’s he going to make that happen? What magic wand does he have?”

Of course, we learned a lot about Obama when he talked to business owners who worked hard and sacrificed for years to build a business that would support their families and send their kids to college, we saw the real Obama when he insulted those people with discouraging words like, “You didn’t build that! You didn’t make that happen!”

The  difference between Trump and Obama is classic: A conflict of visions.

With Trump’s help by introducing policies that allow working people and small business owners to flourish, jobs once gone are indeed coming back. It didn’t take a magic wand. All it took was common sense government policies andTrump’s accomplishments.

Now there’s web site dedicated to chronicling all of Trump accomplishments thus far. In the last 17 months the website magapill.com lists nearly 300 separate accomplishments that would not have occurred if Crooked Hillary had been elected in 2016. Instead, America would still be mired in the stagnant swamp that Obama and his minions created. Magapill lists Trump’s accomplishments in several different categories such as Government, economy, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Trade Deals, Veterans Administration, and State Department.

Go there and read for yourself.

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