A Conflict of Perception

When one refuses to accept reality A Conflict of Perception occurs. Reality isn’t optional.

A Warming World Creates Desperate People by Lauren Markham writing in the New York Times.

After claiming that the coffee crop has failed in Central America because of global warming, Ms. Markham offers this:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that since 2008, 22.5 million people have been displaced by climate-related or extreme weather events. This includes tragedies like the widespread famine in Darfur, monsoons and flooding in Bangladesh and the catastrophic hurricane in Puerto Rico. The more out of whack our climate becomes, the more people up and leave their homes. As our world heats up and sea levels rise, the problem of forced migration around the world is projected to become far worse.

And in refusing to take climate change or responsibility for our planet seriously, the Trump administration is encouraging the conditions that will increase unauthorized migrations to the United States and elsewhere.

Global Warming creates desperate media lies by James Taylor and Jay Lehr

Messrs. Taylor and Lehr perceive things a bit differently:

The New York Times has published a misleading article claiming global warming is largely responsible for unauthorized immigrants entering the U.S. from Central America. The article, titled “A Warming World Creates Desperate People,” alleges global warming is causing crop failures in Central America, which in turn has forced people to flee north to the U.S. In reality, global and Central American crop production is at record levels. The true lesson from The New York Times’ article is a beneficial climate creates desperate media lies.

According to the Times, “Drought and rising temperatures in Guatemala are making it harder for people to make a living or even survive, thus compounding the already tenuous political situation for the 16.6 million people who live there.” The article focuses specifically on coffee production, quoting “one young farmer” who said, “We can’t make a living purely off coffee anymore.” The article then asserts global warming is causing coffee crop failures that are inducing people to enter the U.S. without authorization.

Objective facts obliterate this fictitious narrative. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s June 2018 publication “Coffee: World Markets and Trade,” the 2017–18 coffee season produced the second highest global coffee crop on record and narrowly fell short of the record 2016–17 season. And the 2016–17 season will likely not remain in the record books for long. “World coffee production for 2018/19 is forecast 11.4 million bags higher than the previous year at a record 171.2 million,” according to the USDA report. The current forecast is a full 6 percent above the previous record yield. That will make 2016–18 the three years with the largest coffee production in recorded history.

A Conflict of Perception occurs when reality departs from what one wants to believe. Ms.Markham appears to have accepted what she was told by a few people she talked to and extrapolated that into a narrative that she could have easily checked out and found to be false.  She didn’t want that, she wanted the narrative she wrote.

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