A case that might make me question the death penalty

I’m a firm believer in the death penalty. Some criminals and their crimes are so heinous and cruel they should be eliminated from this earth.

But this sort of thing forces me think hard about it.  To think hard about the American justice system in general. To think about whether human beings are actually capable of a “justice” system, or whether expediency will inevitably take over any such system.  Because while this sort of thing is rare, it’s just barely rare and happens way too often to be considered an anomaly, or an outlier.

As you read about the situation to which I refer, at the link I’ve provided, you may come to see that the most serious problem is not that the justice system occasionally makes a mistake, but that the justice system seems so incapable of correcting its mistakes.

But of course, it’s not really the “system” that’s at fault. It is the people working in the system that are entirely to blame.  Mistakes get fixed only when better people come to the rescue.

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