A breakdown in the collective intellectual processes of America

The commenters at YouTube accuse this video of taking Obama’s comments out of context. I don’t know what context could possibly change the meaning of what Obama so plainly says in these video snippets, but here are a couple of typical examples from the Obamanistas”

1NakedChicken1 1 year ago
Only someone whose point is grouned on a crumbling foundation would need to make a video that hides the truth like this. You take out all of the context in which these statements were made in an attempt to demonize Obama, not only is this wrong, but it shows that you think very lowly of your viewers. That you think they are stupid enough to fall for this, it’s an insult. If you really believe you are right, than give us all of the footage in context and the truth will be self evident.

Jujuman2003 13 minutes ago
More hate-Obama bullshit from teabagging central. Can’t get him on terrorism cuz he killed Bin Laden. Can’t get him on gays and immigration cuz Americans hate Republicans on those issues. I know . . . gas prices! Something Obama doesn’t control. Dumbasses. No wonder the Republican Party is going down the toilet.

I wonder if any of these people will change their minds when it costs them $200 to fill their tanks.

Ultra liberal Colorado Representative Pat Schroeder called Ronald Reagan the “teflon president” because, she said, nothing stuck to him. Obama is the real teflon president because a majority of Americans express their dislike for Obama’s policies but don’t blame him for them. This has to be the biggest breakdown in the collective intellectual process that has ever occurred in the history of human civilization. It makes tulip mania look normal.

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