70,000 attend NRA convention

The NRA convention at Music City Hall in Nashville ended yesterday at 5:00 PM.  About 70,000 people attended the 3-day convention.  There were 550 displays of guns and gun gear.

Attendees with concealed gun permits were allowed to carry their loaded guns into the convention hall and throughout the convention floor.  All of the guns on display, and only those, were temporarily disabled, this being done as a common sense precaution against accidents when guns are there to be displayed and handled numerous times by many different people.  Attendees legally carried personal defense guns were no doubt loaded and fully functional.

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard about the awful carnage and bloodshed that has resulted.  Oh, you haven’t heard about that?  I guess that’s because it didn’t happen.  Liberals everywhere are shocked and disappointed.

The New York Times reported on this, incorrectly claiming that attendees’ guns had firing pins removed.  Kudos to USA Today for getting the story straight.

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