5% of counties in the U.S. contain 47% of the population and account for 68% of murders.

From the Crime Preventiion Research Center: Murders in United States are very concentrated: 54% of U.S. counties in 2014 had no murders at all; 2% of counties account for 51% of all murders in the U.S.

The murder map:

Note that the counties with the strictest gun control laws and the lowest number of legal gun ownership have the most murders. Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska have heavy legal gun ownership, and very few murders. A majority of counties in those states have no murders at all. Colorado has very few murders outside the urban areas of Denver and Colorado Springs, and lots of guns are legally owned outside those areas. More guns really does mean less crime, especially less murder. I live in the area shown on the murder map between Denver and Colorado Springs where there was one murder in 2005 and none since. It’s an area with lots of guns and several gun ranges.

Almost all murders, I’d bet at least 98%, in Chicago are commited with guns by criminals who are legally prohibited from possessing a gun. Mayor Raum Emmanuel, in his wisdom, is fighting the problem by calling for more gun control laws which will further disarm law-abiding citizens all while having no effect whatsoever on criminals, nor on the murder rate.

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