Calderon Makes Preposterous Claim About Weapons of the Mexican Drug Cartels

Mexican President Felipe Calderon tries to link the expiration of the Clinton gun ban with the rise of violence by Mexican Drug lords at the border. His claim is ridiculous on several grounds, not the least of which is that the Clinton gun ban was a ban only on certain cosmetic features of AR-15 rifles, it did not stop the sale of rifles it only banned things like adjustable stocks and muzzle breaks. When the ban ended in 2004 these features were legal again. The ability to have an adjustable stock or a muzzle break on a rifle is being blamed for the rise of Mexican drug violence. How did Calderon manage to keep a straight face in his speech before Congress?

The really big fact that blows this whole idea to smithereens is that the Mexican drug cartels are employing military grade weaponry that is far removed from anything the Clinton gun ban was about. If indeed the source of this weaponry is the United States the suppliers must have Government connections because U.S. Citizens do not have access to these types of weapons. The Mexican cartels have full auto machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-tank missiles, bazookas, and even military helicopters in some cases. The most likely explanation for the source of their weapons is the international black market which operates independently of all U.S. laws. No law that can be enacted by Congress to infringe the Constitutional rights of American citizens can possibly have the slightest impact upon the ability of the Mexican cartels to arm themselves to the teeth with weapons no American citizen has ever possessed.

If any semi-auto AR-15 rifles or handguns are being smuggled into Mexico by Americans they are already breaking a whole host of U.S. Laws as well as Mexican laws. The answer to that problem, if it exists at all, is to catch the criminals and prosecute them. All the laws that will apply to such activity are felonies that carry long prison terms in Federal prisons. There is no parole in the Federal system, so if anyone is engaging in this activity they would have to be making a lot of money to think it was worth the risk. It just wouldn’t involve enough money to be worth the risk. The whole idea is preposterous anyway.

It is known that a significant number of Mexican cartel members are formerly of the Mexican Army. Mexico is a notoriously corrupt country at every level including the Mexican Army. If Calderon truly wanted to stem the flow of advanced weapons to the drug cartels he need look no further than to his own government.

This video of Cam Edwards and Jim Geraghty discussing the Calderon visit on NRA News is worth watching.

Dave Hardy at Of Arms and The Law posted this advertisement by the Auto Ordinance Company promoting its Thompson Sub Machine Gun as the ideal weapon for Ranchers near the Southern border to defend their land from border raiders. This is from back in the good old days before NFA 34 when a tommy gun could be purchased at Gambles Hardware, which is where Machine Gun Kelly’s mother bought one for her son. Too bad the criminals ruined a good thing. Too bad not enough people understand that disarming the good guys does not stop the bad guys in the least.

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