Is this the 1960s all over again?

I used to think history was just one damn thing after another. It seems the 1960s are being repeated all over again by the Left, so now I think history is just the same damn thing over and over again.

Millennials believe the big lie of socialism, they hate their own country, they agree with New York’s screwball governor that America can’t be great again because it’s never been great. If they want socialism they can move to Venezuela. Venezuela has beaucoup natural resources and rich soil that will grow anything. It used to be a rich country. It’s now a destitute country under socialism.

Should be perfect of millennials, everyone is equal. Equal in misery, that is. Except Maduro and his criminal gang, they’re doing fine because that’s the truth of socialism.

I don’t see any millennials moving to Venezuela. Hypocrites.

Socialist Pizza, Millennials eat pizza don’t they!

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