Obama Scandals? What Scandals? Nothing to see here…

Obama’s scandals were many but he was never held to account for them.

Obama says, “I didn’t have scandals.” David Harsanyi replies, “So what are all these?”

Maybe Obama never had to endure the fallout from a scandal, but that’s not the same as never having one, says Harsanyi. There are two reasons Obama never paid a price for his scandals. Harsanyi identifies the main one: The suckup media was too busy humping Obama’s leg to report on his many scandals. The other one isn’t mentioned by Harsanyi but perhaps it’s just a subset of the main one. It is that Obama and the media were masters at playing the race card. Every accusation of wrong doing in the Obama administration was dismissed as racism on the part of the accusers. The GOP establishment was over sensitive to accusations of racism and decided to just ignore every one of Obama’s scandals. Some, such as Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake gave aid and comfort to Obama’s scandals, such as the Iran deal. John McCain never saw an Obama scandal he didn’t like.

Harsanyi lists the  scandals that were covered up by the media and never challenged by the GOP establishment:

Brazen lying about Obamacare, “If you like your doctor you can keep him,” this legislation “will lower your premiums by $2500.”

Operation “fast and furious” which was a gun running scheme to distribute guns to narco terrorists that could be traced back to U.S. gun stores, all to soften up Americans for draconian gun restrictions.

The Obama DOJ refused to cooperate with Congress when it attempted to investigate fast and furious even after a Federal Judge ruled that Obama could not claim executive privilege. Eric Holder intentionally misled Congressional committees and was the first Attorney General to be held in contempt of Congress. Neither Obama nor holder suffered any fallout from that.

Obama consistently ignored court rulings that went against him.

Obama shipped pallet loads of cash, $1.7 Billion, to the terror state of Iran. The media yawned.

Obama pressured law enforcement to shut down a drug smuggling investigation of Hezbollah, the terrorist organization funded by Iran. Nobody knows how much of the Obama cash to Iran was used to finance terrorism but it must have been huge.

An Obama official, Ben Rhodes, bragged at how easy it was to get the willfully ignorant and partisan press to help push administration policy preferences.

When there were leaks within the Associated Press (apparently not every last reporter of staffer had drunk the Obama Kool Aid) Obama sent spies into the AP to identify the leakers and see that they were punished. Was the AP offended? No. The big wigs at the AP guzzled the Kool Aid.

Lying about Benghazi, claiming it was youtube video almost nobody had seen.

The IRS’s illegally refusing to grant 501(c)(4) tax exempt status to Tea Party organizations even though they met all the statutory requirements for that status.

Yuk, I can’t take this anymore. Do read David Harsanyi’s  excellent article that lists many more of Obama’s scandals and the double standard of most of America’s media. They’re almost all crooks.

Obama not only was never held to account for his many scandals, he became a very rich man in the process.

Harsanyi chronicles many but not all of Obama’s actions that were not only scandalous but would have been treated as sedition by any GOP president. It’s would be impossible to cover all of them in a blog post. A book would be required for that. Happily, there is such a book.

The 2015 book, Lawless, The Obama Administrations Unprecedented Assault on the Constitution and the Rule of Law by George Mason University Law Professor David Bernstein is an invaluable resource of information on Obama’s lawlessness. Lawless documents how President Barack Obama has presided over one constitutional debacle after another—Obamacare; unauthorized wars in the Middle East; attempts to strip property owners, college students, religious groups, and conservative political activists of their rights; and many more.

Bernstein’s book may be the one of the reasons liberal professors, that would be about 98% of all of them, are now waging a war against George Mason University.

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