What happens when you believe your own spin?

You lose the ability to correct your own errors when you believe your own spin.

A few quotes to remember from  Mark Amadeus Notturno at the American Spectator, Spin in the Open Society, Or the Old Rope a Dope.

On an open society, which is all about searching for truth and correcting one’s own errors, and not about spinning it:

There is, however, still the question whether you should believe your own spin. Most progressives have a very high opinion of themselves and a very low opinion of people who disagree with them. They regard themselves as better educated and hence intellectually and morally superior to conservatives, and especially to Donald Trump, who has replaced the Koch brothers as the personification of evil in their eyes, and whom they like to portray as not only morally bankrupt but as a virtual idiot unfit for the presidency. This too is spin, and something you shouldn’t believe if you want to get closer to the truth. But education in the open society has now devolved from training and encouragement in critical thinking to inculcating, embracing, and pronouncing the “right” opinions. And whether or not someone is well educated is no longer determined by the quality of their arguments, but by the “appropriateness” of their beliefs.

On progressives who believe their own spin:

A year later, it is the Special Counsel, his dream team of special investigators, the FBI, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama Administration who are twisting in the wind. They have, in the process of finding no serious crimes in the Trump camp, revealed several serious crimes of their own. And unless I’m seriously mistaken, we have now gone through seven long rounds, the left has all put punched itself out in the heat, and Trump, a fan and friend of Muhammad Ali, is about to come off the ropes swinging.

Unless, of course, there’s a great blue wave, or a tsunami, or a surging river, or a waterfall, or a leaky faucet getting ready to break and sweep away the whole country away with it.

Go ahead, believe it — with all your heart — and repeat it to anyone who will listen, and as often as you can.

It is, after all, the secret of progressive success.

It was the secret of Joseph Goebbels’ success.

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