Reporter tries to rile Sarah Sanders — gets nowhere with that

At yesterday’s White Press Briefing Sarah Sanders got this question:

Q    Thank you, Sarah.  Yesterday, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and former President Barack Obama all weighed in on the President’s Iran decision.  A sampling of what they said:  John Kerry was, it “weakens our security, breaks America’s word, isolates us from our European allies.”  President Obama — former President Obama said that — called for, “principled, fact-based, and unifying leadership that can best secure our country.”  And then Hillary Clinton said, “Our credibility is shot.”  And they called it a mistake.  What is the President’s response to them?  And what does the White House think about those former Obama administration officials commenting on this and the appropriateness of that?

Think about that for a minute. Better yet, read it again. How would you answer that question? Think on that for a few seconds. I’d probably answer the question with a question, Why the hell should anyone care what those nut jobs think?  Well, that’s raw and some might like it, but it wouldn’t get me much applause even from my side of the political spectrum. Fortunately, it’s Sarah Sanders, not I, at the helm.

Here’s her answer:

MS. SANDERS:  I think based on each of those individuals’ lack of success in this entire process on foreign affairs, they would probably be the last three people that we would look to for advice and counsel, and whether or not we had made the right decisions.

Perfect. Brilliant. Of course, the media hates her. Most of the people the liberal media hates are people of accomplishment, like Sarah Sanders.

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