Democrat civil war on the far Left

There’s a Democrat civil war on the far Left brewing right now. Republican Mike Coffman is the current representative in Congress for Colorado’s 6th District. Two Democrats are running in the primary to see which one will run against Mike Coffman. Former Army captain and moderate Democrat Jason Crow is running against Bernie-Sanders progressive Levi Tillemann.

Democrat Minority leader Steyn Hoyer is shoveling money to the moderate Crow and trying to persuade far-left Tillemann to drop out. Hoyer and other Democrats understand Colorado 6th is a competitive district and are afraid a looney lefty like Tillemann will lose against Coffman. They desperately want to take back the House of Representatives and need to win competitive districts such as Colorado’s 6th District. Crow would clearly give Coffman a tougher race than Tillemann will.

This highlights the Democrat civil war on the far Left, much to the delight of Republicans, and me. Billionaire Tom Steyer is more in line with Tillemann and will probably give him enough money to make a strong run against Crow in the Democrat primary.

Steyer is demanding that Democrat candidates pledge to impeach Trump in order to have access to any money from him. That’s a problem for Democrats because with Trump’s approval rating steadily increasing even a lunatic like Nancy Pelosi understands that a far left push for impeachment would be huge loser. Since Steyer is determined to spend his billions to elect far-left Democrats the Hoyer strategy of running moderate candidates in competitive districts is threatened.

Democrats have a strategy for taking back the House and money-bags Tom Steyer is threatening to sabotage the plan, whether he knows it or not. Far left looney lefties do that all the time. So right now the Democrat biggest enemy is themselves, and their beloved Tom Steyer.

See why I love all this?

An “independent” website  which goes by the name The Intercept (it’s a far-left wing organization) is exposing the secret goings-on behind closed doors. They’ve come up this cartoon video of a secret conversation Steyn Hoyer had with Levi Tillemann:



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