Liberals are suddenly in favor of investigating presidents’ sex lives

Yes, liberals are suddenly in favor of investigating president’s sex lives. Now we might say these are two-faced liberals, but that would be an oxymoron. They really are  one-eyed Jacks, but we’ve seen their other face.

Remember when the liberal mantra was, “It’s only sex” and “Everybody does it” and “It doesn’t affect his job performance” and all the other flapdoodle spewed by liberals to defend Bill Clinton’s receiving oral sex by an intern in the oval office? Yeah, they was the order of day when their guy was president.

The media in the 1960s covered up JFK’s sex with Marilyn Monroe in the oval office also, but I always thought that was just because they were so horn-dog envious they couldn’t speak.

PDT is definitely not their guy so liberals are suddenly in favor of investigating presidents’ sex lives. But it goes even further. It’s not just sex in the office of a sitting president they want to investigate. No, they now want to go back at least 50 years in Trump’s life to investigate every sexual liaison he has ever had. They’ll quickly extend the time frame beyond 50 years if there’s ever a rumor that when Trump was 6 years old he engaged in a “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” episode with a 6-year old classmate on the playground. They’ll want to appoint another special counsel just for that. They’ll develop an algorithm to find all the 70-year old women alive today who might have been in the first grade with Donald Trump, and get them on the “me too” bandwagon with salacious accusations. Mueller is probably working on that right now.

Mark Steyn gave his hard-hitting analysis last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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