Diamond and Silk and Mark Zuckerberg

Diamond and Silk and Mark Zuckerberg — What happens where two black women come out in support of Donald Trump. Why, they get evicted from the popular discourse, of course. Democrats don’t take kindly to their any black people who try to escape the liberal plantation. They send out the slave catchers to deal with them.

OK, they aren’t actually slaves anymore but Democrats sure want to keep them in line. Diamond and Silk are two black women who acted and produced in a serious of youtube videos critical of Obama and supportive of Trump. They did so with humor and aplomb.

They posted some of their videos on Facebook. You can guess what happened. Facebook is a holy-owned (I spelled it correctly) Democrat subsidiary. Diamond and Silk video were removed by the Facebook enforcers of political correctness.

Here is Mark Zuckerberg being questioned by Rep. Marsha Blackburn on that:


Here are Diamond and Silk discussing Mark Zuckerberg with Laura Ingraham:

UPDATE: Apparently Facebook has finally contacted Diamond and Silk through twitter:


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