London murder rate exceeds New York despite gun ban

London murder rate exceeds New York despite gun ban. London falling down.

On Monday evening, Mark Steyn appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss media priorities, the British state’s new war on cutlery, and other matters. London now has a murder rate higher than New York City. The UK ban on guns, all guns, doesn’t seem to have made Londonistan any safer. In fact, London is more gruesome than just about any American city today. The punks [many if whom are teenage girls] can still get a gun if they really want one. Guns are available on the black market of course, but they’er a bit expensive. So the true deplorables have resorted to throwing acid in a stranger’s face or stabbing, sometimes on a mass scale.  Lovely city, London has become. It’s dimwit mayor has a solution — ban cutlery.

Mark says 85% of the murders in London are the result of unlimited immigration in the UK.

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