30-year old female teacher gets 15 years for sex w/student

Detroit teacherUSA Today: Judge Sends Strong Message With Teacher’s Sentence. Oakland County, Michigan teacher Kathryn Ronk, who taught Spanish at a Catholic high school, had sex on several occasions with her 15-year old male student. Adjacent to Wayne County (Detroit), Oakland County is among the ten highest income counties in the United States.

Finding there is no room for double standards, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Nanci Grant sentenced Kathryn Ronk to spend the next six to 15 years in prison.

Grant was dismayed by letters asking for leniency for Ronk, a former teacher at Bishop Foley High School in Madison Heights, but making no mention of concern for the boy.

“You are dealing with children that are still developing emotionally,” Grant said Wednesday. “To have this continuing double standard is unacceptable. The law does not recognize a double standard, the law is clearly on point in terms that these children are developing human beings. This was a person in a position of power and influence over him.”

Glenn Reynolds says there will have to be consequences for this sort of abusive behavior in we’re ever going to end this “pervasive culture of female sexual entitlement.” Sentencing women like similarly situated men “should work,” he says. Judge Nanci Grant seems to agree.

No one would expect that a male teacher having sex with an underage female student would not get at least a similar sentence, and probably even a longer one.  In the past female teachers have gotten off a lot easier. It’s good that a judge finally noticed the double standard and condemned it.

This teacher is facing more charges in a neighboring county where additional sexual encounters are alleged to have occurred.

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