United Airlines is going to the dogs

On Thursday evening, Mark Steyn and former flight attendant Cheryl Casone joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the death of a dog on a United flight after the cabin crew ordered the puppy stowed in the overhead bin. There is no air in the overhead bins and the dog suffocated.  Before dying the dog barked and nobody seemed to pay much attention, perhaps too scared to argue with the flight attendant. Mark Steyn rightly says, “… this testifies to the terrible corroding nature of the ghastly culture of contemporary air travel: It’s the most controlled environment in free societies — the place where freeborn citizens have fewest rights, including whether they can use a bathroom or get a glass of water. It’s no surprise that in such a world a certain proportion of the “cabin service” team start behaving like bullying sadists, and that far too many passengers go along with it.”


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