Ammo Grrrll finds 12 things more accurate than CNN

Ammo Grrrll finds 12 things more accurate than CNN

I always read “Thoughts from the ammo line” written by Ammo Grrrll at the Powerline Blog. It’s my addiction to anything said or written by witty intelligent women who consistently come up with sentences I wish I’d written. Smart women make smart men smile. I don’t know if it works in reverse but I hope it does.

Today she’s got another post that made me smile. Here’s a tasty morsel:


Fortune Cookies
The weight listed on your Driver’s License.
Your car clock. Especially after Daylight Savings Time kicks in on Sunday.
A scaredy-cat liberal’s first time shooting at a gun range.
The initial estimated budget for your daughter’s wedding.
The wheat harvest projection in every Soviet 5-Year Plan.
The IPCC’s global warming predictions from 10 years ago.
The Psychic Hot-Line
A bathroom scale accidentally heaved down the basement stairs.
2016 Presidential Polls on November 8. Never. Gets. Old.

Read the whole thing, it’ll make you smile.

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