Bots and Boycotts and Democrats Faking Things

Seton Motley at RedState:

The Left is excellent at faking things. They long ago had to become so – because Reality so implicitly contradicts everything for which they stand.

The atrocity shooting at Florida’s Parkland High School – has become a crass political opportunity for the cold, callous Left. Because they never allow a crisis to go to waste.

The Left ignores the fact that the Left themselves have banned guns from schools – and ever since the overwhelming majority of mass shootings occur in schools.

The Left ignores the fact that prior to their stupid Gun Free Zones – guns were almost ubiquitous at very many schools, and there were almost no school shootings.

The Left ignores the fact that four cops showed up at the school during the shooting – and then failed to enter the school and deal with the shooter.

The Left ignores the fact that everyone and their mother warned government at all levels that this insane person was an insane person – and government at all levels did nothing.

The Left ignores all of these facts – and bizarrely blames inanimate objects and wants to ban them. Despite the fact that these inanimate objects are used millions of times each and every year to prevent crimes.

The Left ignores all of these facts – and bizarrely blames the National Rifle Association (NRA). Which has never, ever had a member commit a mass shooting. And in fact the last time an NRA member was involved in a mass shooting – it was to end a mass shooting.

The Left ignores all of these facts – and bizarrely begins a boycott of the NRA. Which almost no one in Reality actually supports – so the Left has to fake support. Behold the Bots:

“One answer is the protest bot. A computer program that reveals the injustice and inequality of the world and imagines alternatives. A computer program that says who’s to praise and who’s to blame. A computer program that questions how, when, who and why. A computer program whose indictments are so specific you can’t mistake them for bullshit. A computer program that does all this automatically.

“Bots are small automated programs that index websites, edit Wikipedia entries, spam users, scrape data from pages, launch denial of service attacks, and other assorted activities, both mundane and nefarious.”

The Left thus creates what appears to be massive public support – with nigh zero actual public support. Fake protestors – computer-generated.

Unfortunately, their scam is often very effective.

The NRA should calmly, politely, patiently explain this Leftist fake-ness to the companies considering cutting ties.

When the Left needs the appearance of actual public support – from live people, not Bots – they almost always have to pay for it.

Rush Limbaugh read this on his program today. It’s just great! Spot On!

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