Facts Trump Democrats Savaging Him For Saying He’d Have Gone In To Save Lives in Parkland

Facts Trump Democrats who are savaging Trump for claiming that if he had been on the campus of the Parkland Heigh School he would have gone in to stop the shooter and save lives.  They claim he’s grandstanding, that’s he’s a cloistered rich guy who doesn’t care about ordinary people and certainly not have put himself in jeopardy for them.

It’s plausible to believe something that has happened in the past can happen again. In the past, Trump did put himself in danger to come to the aid of a person he didn’t know anything about except that someone else was beating on him with a baseball bat. Here’s an image of a New York Daily News story from 1991:

I doubt there are many Democrats who would run toward the sound of gunfire under any circumstances. Cops do that all the time. Well, except the cops in Broward County Florida (we learned today that one brave one did).

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