Blame the “Broward County Solution” — Not Guns

The Broward County Solution that led to a school shooting

Leftist social justice warriors, Democrats all of them, always find racism to be in play whenever crime and arrest statistics show a disproportionate higher percentage of black and hispanic minorities arrested for their criminal conduct. If blacks or hispanics represent X% of a given population and crime stats show they represent X+Y% of arrests, SJWs are quick to claim racism as the only plausible explanation for the disparity. They recoil in anger at any suggestion that the disparity in arrests could possibly be due to that group committing a disproportionate percentage of crimes.

Schools are always a hot-bed of social-injustice explanations for every untoward statistic, especially when a truthful explanation indicates disproportionate bad behavior by the preferred and protected group. It’s identity politics on stilts.

As a result, police and school administrators are under constant pressure to correct what the statistics are telling them.  To SJWs, the only fix is to stop the “racism.” If there is no racism to be stopped, what do they do? They could just fudge the stats but that’s tricky because it’s easy to track. So how do they bring down the arrest numbers?

The Broward County Solution

Broward County Florida, the county in which Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at a Parkland high school On February 14, 2018, had previously instituted what has been called the “Broward County Solution.” This was to be the solution to disproportionate arrest stats of black and hispanic students. The “solution: was simple: “lower arrests by not making arrests.”

The authorities both in and out of the Broward County School District Administration began treating several specific misdemeanor crimes as school issues instead of criminal matters. It worked beautifully in bringing down the number of arrests. It had the opposite effect on the number of crimes committed on school property. It had the opposite effect on the percentage of black and hispanics being responsible for crimes committed on school property.

Under the Broward County Solution suspension from school became the worst that could come to a student committing acts on school property that violated the law outside of school. The Broward County Solution applied not only on school grounds, but everywhere in Broward County if the miscreant was of school age.

This “solution” was nothing less that a criminal breeding ground for black and hispanic youth. It wasn’t difficult for Broward County to formulate this plan. They simply borrowed the one already in existence in the Miami-Dade schools. Trayvon Martin had been a chief beneficiary of the “solution” in Miami-Dade. Before he was killed in self defense by George Zimmerman he had accumulated an extensive record of crimes for which he was never arrested. In that school year alone he had been suspended from school twice for crimes that should have resulted in arrest and should have placed him in the criminal justice system.

Likewise, Nikolas Cruz got the benefit of the Broward County Solution. He was under suspension at all times last week. The school failed to inform law enforcement authorities he was potentially dangerous.

Cruz’s previous behavior on several occasions should have put him in the system. Because he had been adopted by an hispanic couple he qualified as hispanic. The Broward County Solution applied to him.

The BCS indirectly killed those 17 victims of Nikolas Cruz. George Zimmerman, acting in self defense, may have pulled the trigger that ended the life of Trayvon Martin, but the Miami-Dade policy of never holding Martin responsible for his aberrant  behavior was also a major cause of his undoing.

In Denver organization called “Padres & Jóvenes Unidos” [parents and young boys] successfully advocated for a program like Broward’s to help achieve “racial and education equity” in Denver schools. It won’t achieve the equity they are hoping for, except on paper. It will, if it hasn’t already, lead to more senseless criminal behavior and its consequences.

There are better ways to fight the school-to-prison pipeline. Social justice warriors won’t accept them because they force schools to treat criminals like criminals.

Below is a video of Andrew Pollack, the father of Parkland victim Meadow Pollack, says guns aren’t the problem in America when it comes to mass shootings, he instead blames liberal policies for enabling the mentally ill and evil to kill. He is exactly right. His daughter would be alive today if the Broward County Solution did not exist. She would be alive because Nikolas Cruz would have been identified for the evil person he is before he had a chance to murder 17 of his class mates. It was obvious that he was a big problem. There were plenty of signs, but the Broward County Solution ignored all of them until the day he delivered mass carnage to the Majorie Stoneman Douglas High School.


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